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Best Credit Card Processing Companies

Credit card Processing Companies It isn't hard to become a credit card processing company, but it is difficult to reach a critical mass of customers where you can remain sustainable and service your clients without resorting to call centers overseas. If you have ever seen the disclaimer that "[someone]" is a registered ISO/MSP of [some bank]" at the bottom of a site or literature, then at least you know that you are dealing with a more direct source than a third-party processor. ISOs, or Independent Sales Organizations, are entities that have the right to offer merchant account services. It should be noted that a one-person company could be an ISO, or your bank could be an ISO, and as you know the capabilities of each will be an important consideration. One-person shops may have to charge higher markups just to put food on the table. They may work as "1099 reps" for a variety of processors, and as such they are more likely to stretch the truth when it comes to making a sale, because they are not direct employees and so do not feel responsible for the inevitable customer service issues that will come up when people wonder why the figures on their statement don't match up with the rosy predictions.

Offerings of Top Merchant Service Providers

The best ISOs will not just offer competitive rates, but also back up their business with in-house tech support, 24 hour troubleshooting, and multiple options when it comes to credit card terminal choices. Note that if there are "too many" terminal brands being offered there may be a red flag, because it is difficult to stay current with updates on a multitude of different brand names. As it turns out, some well-known terminal brands have a high return rate on specific models, and so an ISO with more than a few dozen customers will know to get you a machine that won't break during your busiest season.

List of Credit Card Processors

The list below is for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement. It is possible that one or more of the companies listed have either (a) been absorbed by another firm (b) liquidated (c) changed their name to another company on the same list (d) shut down for any number of reasons. In 2013 many attorneys general in places like Washington have come down hard on processors, and the FTC is also hitting ISOs that set up accounts for companies they "should have known" were operating illegally. That being said, below is a list of brands in no particular order other than the orthographic prejudice we call alphabetical.

2Checkout (2CO)

ABC Global Systems

Ace Merchant Processing

Ace Software Solutions

Advanced Credit Systems


Alpha Card Services

Alpine Payment Systems

Amazon Payments

American Express Merchant Services

American Payment Systems

American Verification Processing Solutions

Apex Merchant Group


Appstar Financial

APS Merchant Services

Authorize.net (Auth.net)

A.V.P. Solutions

Axxess Payments

Banc Certified Merchant Services

Bancard Payment Systems

Banctek Solutions

Bank of America Merchant Services

BankCard Central

BankCard USA Merchant Services

BC Funding

Beacon Payments


Braintree Payment Solutions


Cambridge Payments Systems

Capital Bankcard

Capital Merchant Solutions

Capital Payments

Card Concepts Merchant Services


CardPayment Solutions

Cardservice International

Cardsmart Merchant Services


CDG Commerce

Central Payment Corporation

Century Payments

Charge Anywhere

Charge National


Chase Paymentech Solutions LLC

Choice Merchant Solutions


Community Merchant Solutions

Cornerstone Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing Specialists

Credomatic Merchant Services Review

Crescent Processing

Cynergy Data

Dharma Merchant Services

Durango Merchant Services


Dynamic Payment Solutions

Eagle Merchant Services

East Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Exchange

Elavon Merchant Services

Electronic Cash Systems

Electronic Merchant Systems

Electronic Payment Systems

Electronic Payments Incorporated

Electronic Transfer Inc.

Electrum Corporation

Element Payment Services

Eliot Management Group

Elite Merchant Solutions

Elite Payment Processing

Emerald Business Solutions

Encore Payment Systems

Encore Payment Systems

Ensight Merchant Services


ePayData, Inc.


Equity Commerce

Everest Merchant Services

EVO Merchant Services

Federated Payments

Fidelity Payment Services

Fifth Third Processing Solutions

Financial Transaction Services

First American Card Service

First American Payment Systems

First Americard

First Data (FDIS)

First Merchant Payment Systems

Five Star Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services

Frontline Processing


Funds Transfer Alliance

Global Payments


Google Checkout (No Longer Current)




Granite Payment Alliance

Gravity Payments

Groupon Payments



Host Merchant Services

Humboldt Merchant Services

Inner Fence

Integrated Card Service

Integrated Merchant Alliance


International Bancard

International CyberTrans

Intuit Merchant Services

iPay Review


IRN Payment Systems



JetPay Merchant Services

Leap Payments

Leaders Merchant Services


MatchRate Plus

Mega M


Meramak Bankcard

Merchant Data Systems

Merchant e-Solutions

Merchant Express

Merchant Focus

Merchant Lynx Services

Merchant One

Merchant Solutions

Merchant Warehouse


Merchants Bancard INC (MBN)

Mercury Payment Systems

MeritCard Solutions

Meritus Payment Solutions

Merrick Bank

Mersa Tech

Metro Merchant Services

MOCA Payment Systems

Momentum Payment Systems

Moneris Solutions

Money Tree Merchant Services


MSH Merchant Services

MSI Merchant Services

National Bankcard

National Merchants Association

Nationwide Payment Solutions

Netcom PaySystem

North American Bancard



NXGEN Payment Services

Occent Merchant Services

Oracle Payment Processing

Park Central Company

Pay Anywhere



Payline Data

Payment Alliance International

Payment Depot

Payment Data Systems

Payment Logistics


Paynet Systems


PayPal Here (Reader)



PayScape Advisors


Petroleum Card Services

Pipeline Data

Pivotal Payments

Platinum Choice Bancard


Preferred Card Services

Premier Merchant Processing

Premium Capital Group/p>

Prestige Payment Systems

Priority Payment Systems

Process America

Processing Point

Prodigy Payment Systems


Quantum Merchant Services

Quickbooks Merchant Services

Redstone Payment Solutions Reviews & Complaints

Reliance Merchant Services

Regal Payment Systems

Retriever Payment Systems

Rev Worldwide

Sage Payment Solutions





Spectrum Merchant Services

Square (AKA Squareup)

Sterling Payment Technologies


Summit Merchant Solutions


Swift Pay Systems

Switch Commerce


The Merchant Solutions

Total Merchant Services


TransPay Processing

TransTech Merchant Group

TSYS Merchant Solutions

United Bank Card

United Merchant Services

Valued Merchant Services


Velocity Merchant Services

Veracity Payment Solutions

Vision Payment Solutions

Wells Fargo Merchant Services


Wise Payment Systems

World Payment Services


Xenex Merchant Services