Processors Hiring Sales and Service Workers

The high-energy world of card processing and merchant services means that jobs are always open for motivated and experienced individuals. Top-earning agents in the field often clear more than six figures a year, and in-house sales executives can live comfortably in their own hometowns, assuming those towns are not New York City, San Francisco, or Beverly Hills, where a hundred grand gets you a broom closet sub-let by the doorman.

Fast Promotion

Credit Card Processing JobsA thick-skinned go-getter in merchant services sales can move up from a telemarketing and prospecting position to outside sales very quickly if he or she shows dedication and willingness to take the kind of abuse dished out by prospects who get six calls a day from merchant account providers. People who are willing to make call after call, and remain consistent throughout the day until a deal is made, are going to find success in just about any field, and the rewards in payment processing are much higher for agents who can deliver. Top salespeople get paid residuals on every account they set up, so some of the best people in in the industry could live quite comfortably for some time without making another sale. If you are looking for employment in this field, and expect to succeed, you are going to need drive, energy, and flexibility. Some agents will move to target cities, get exclusive territories, and walk into a lot of stores every single day. For the true workaholic, this can be one of the most rewarding fields financially that is available. In theory, you can make six figures without a high school diploma, college degree, or GED. Typically, however, the ability to memorize scripting, stay abreast of payment processing trends, dress sharp, and be friendly to clients who are yelling at you is a requirement.

If you come from the Glengarry Glen Ross school of salesmanship, there are plenty of processors who will hire you in a heartbeat. If not, knowledge of credit card terminal repair, POS system setup, and infrastructure security often have lucrative positions open. By far the biggest caveat about the payment processing industry is that you are going to have to work, and work hard, because the industry is highly results-driven.

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