Take Checks and Cards

Diverse Payment Acceptance Methods

Merchant ServicesWhen most people hear about merchant services they think of processing credit cards, but taking Visa and MasterCard is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to accepting payments. If you configure your account correctly, your credit card terminal can become a profit center for your entire company.

Guarantee Funds

Beat The High Cost of Cash

It may sound strange to say, but cash costs money. Where do you put your cash? In a cash register during the day, and a safe at night. (Remember how much those things cost?) You have to pay someone an hourly wage to count the cash, pay the bank to accept your cash and count coins, or pay an armored car service to come pick it up. If cash is lost or stolen, you paid for that too.

Meanwhile, merchant services eliminate many of these problems. Check guarantee services ensure that you will get the dollar amount on the check. Credit and debit card acceptance, which certainly costs money, may be comparable to cash when all is said and done. Furthermore, when you take cards or scan checks, the money goes into your account and you get a printed receipt and/or spreadsheet that you can download from an online portal. All the dollars are tallied up and you won't see any fat-finger mistakes that make you re-add the whole list of transactions.

Services available to merchants include next day funding on credit card transactions, merchant cash advance (a kind of payday loan for store owners who can't scare up other cash), and various credit card terminal leasing and sales models. For example, you may want a wireless terminal for on-the-road sales, a debit card PIN pad for in-store transactions, or a virtual terminal (payment gateway) for phoned in orders. On top of that, customer service and tech support are vital for keeping our business humming and figuring out the inevitable problems you may experience when the power goes out, you drop the machine, or you need help batching the terminal.