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What Are The Best Credit Card Machines

Credit Card TerminalsCredit card terminals can be expensive to buy or lease, but you need to keep a few facts in mind. When leasing, you typically get equipment for life or free replaement programs should the machine break or become obsolete. Security regulations get tighter every year, and as such a lot of terminals fall onto the "end of life" or "sunset" list which means that they either won't be supported, reprogrammed, or even allowed on some processing networks after a specific date.

PCI Compliance & Encryption Standards

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) defines standards for credit card machines and over time some models drop off the list because they can't be reprogrammed to higher security standards or a known vulnerability makes the terminal a risk. In the past, many machines stored actual card information in their memories, and this is not allowed on newer terminals. If you are buying your terminals off eBay or Craigslist, you could be getting a compromised machine that was "dirt cheap" because a hacker is using it to collect card data and send it overseas. If you are using the same terminal you had in 1998, you might be at risk despite the fact that it runs like a tank and is about the same size. Some of the best new terminals have brighter screens, bigger displays, color, easier interfaces, and more legible receipts. New thermal paper printers look better longer and don't have the issues that are associated with dot matrix models.

List of Credit Card Terminals

Some of the most popular credit card terminals, swipers, and printers are listed below. We have no information here about how long each terminal has before it becomes obsolete, or which may already have become doorstops.

Dejavoo M3

Exadigm XD2000

First Data Fd100Ti

First Data Fd400

First Data Fd400Ti

First Data FD50Ti

First Data Fd50Ti

Hypercom ICE 5500

Hypercom Optimum T4210

Hypercom T77

Hypercom T7E

Hypercom T7Plus

Hypercom T8

Ingenico 7910

Ingenico Aqua

Ingenico i6580

Ingenico i7780

Ingenico iCT250

Ingenico IPP350+

LinkPoint 3000

MagneSafe BT90 Bluetooth Card Reader

Magtek BulleT

MagTek Card Reader

Nurit 2080

Nurit 2085

Nurit 3000

Nurit 3010

Nurit 3020

Nurit 8000

Nurit 8020

Nurit 8320

Nurit 8400

Pax 680

Telecheck Access-1

Thales Talento EFT

VeriFone Omni 3200

VeriFone Omni 3200SE

Verifone Omni 3300

VeriFone Omni 3730LE

VeriFone Omni 396

VeriFone Omni Pak II

VeriFone Tranz 330

VeriFone Tranz 380

VeriFone Tranz 420

VeriFone Tranz 460

VeriFone Vx510

VeriFone Vx610

VeriFone Vx670 Wireless

VeriFone ZON Jr XL

ViVOTech ViVOpay 4000

Way Systems 1581

Way Systems 5000

WAY Systems MTT